Running Out of Writing Inspiration? Follow These 7 Ways to Get New Ideas!

For new writers or those who already have years of experience, finding writing ideas is one of the problems that can't be avoided.

It could be that when you are in the middle of writing an article or want to start writing a new chapter of a book, suddenly writer's block strikes. The words seemed to stop flowing and all the ideas that came to mind just disappeared.

If so, you must be confused about what to do, right? No need to worry, because im has prepared tips that you can follow if you need to find writing inspiration. Read this article to the end to find out all the tips!

1. Reading Books or Articles

The first tip when looking for writing ideas is to read more every day.

Whether it's fiction, non-fiction, journals, or articles on the internet, everything can help. In essence, all kinds of reading from various genres.

Let's say you're writing a book with the romantic comedy genre.

If you only read books with similar genres, your writing will be the same as other romcom books.

So, read books from well-known authors in other genres and seek inspiration from their writings. It could be that there are some plots that turn out to be interesting if they are included in your book.

2. Watching Movies

You can also watch movies when you're looking for ideas to write, you know.

This is quite effective, because basically almost all TV shows and movies have a scriptwriter who writes the script.

Launching Writer's Digest, when watching a film or any show, try to position yourself as a writer and not a spectator.

Pay attention to the content of the film, its grand themes, how it plots, character development, and other details.

3. Meet People

The next tip is to meet new friends and people.

While chatting, try to pay attention to the personalities of these people.

In one group, it is almost certain that there are people who really like to talk, some are just silent, and many more.

Their personality and movements can be your inspiration to write and develop a character.

Not only that, chatting with them can also increase your knowledge of topics that were not mastered before.

4. Reflecting on Personal Life

Meeting new people and getting to know their stories is fun.

However, many do not realize that when they are looking for writing ideas, the inspiration usually comes from themselves.

Try to reflect on your own life, look for interesting times that have been passed, and start writing.

An example is that you have experienced a quarter life crisis with all the excitement in it.

Find an interesting angle from that phase of life, 'interview' yourself, then try to put it into writing.

Other people who are experiencing these problems will definitely feel close to your story.

5. Create a Playlist for Writing

There are writers who can write while listening to songs, some are not.

If you can, try making a playlist containing songs that describe the big theme of your writing.

Say there's a song that really touches you, and you're moved to write a story about that song.

Create playlists of songs with similar themes and melodies, to stay inspired throughout writing.

If you are a content writer who writes on a variety of different topics every day, you can still make playlists, really.

Look for music that can keep you focused and writing fluently without distractions.

6. Looking for Inspirational Quotes

Looking for inspirational quotes or quotes from famous figures can also help you get inspiration and writing ideas, you know.

Usually, this series of quotes makes people who read them more motivated and can write fluently.

7. Traveling

If you ask any of the writers, they will surely answer that one of the tips for finding writing ideas is to travel.

Launching the NY Book Editors, you don't need to travel to another city or abroad, really. It's enough to go around a new place in your own city that you've never visited.

When you walk, you don't need to force yourself to write on the spot.

Take it in, pay attention to the surroundings, enjoy the view, then try to write down everything you feel when you get home.

If you want, you can also talk to local people.

The culture and characteristics of the people in the new environment will surely inspire you.

Well, those are seven tips for finding ideas and writing inspiration that you can follow. Pretty easy, right?

Of all the tips above, find the one that suits you best, OK?

It may be that watching movies now helps you get writing ideas, but for the next writing you have to travel first.

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